Buy One, Get None

I am excited to be exhibiting a number of my silver gelatin Power and Progress photographs in this exhibit. The Silence of the Individual/The Voice of the Collective As young people, our individuality is often suppressed by corporate juggernauts who exploit our humanity. In today’s capitalist economy, consumerism prevails and demands our indentured allegiance. Oftentimes, its effects are pernicious, both to our social body and to our own spiritual well-being. As individuals, we often feel insignificant. We feel futile to such pervasive higher powers and, in response, often resort to resignation and to silence. As a collective group, we feel empowered. When we respond as interlocutors and participate in the collective conversation, we can challenge consumerism’s call for conformity. Our voice has the potential to resonate deeply in both our own lives and within the larger fabric of society. This exhibition aims to bring light to the struggle between our propensity towards silence as individuals and the desire for a collective voice in response to the deafening din of consumer culture.